TBD – To Be Determined

August 4, 2016


TBDMany of us have heard the expression, “To be Determined” or “TBD”, but what does that really mean.  I would like to apply it to the world of insurance and what it means for an industry with its best days still ahead of it.


I think you could agree, Insurance is being redefined, disrupted, changed, etc. More importantly, led down a path it is unfamiliar with and quite frankly can be both exciting and scary at the same time.  The anticipation and the anxiety to see what comes out on the other side of this disruptive process is very interesting to most.  However, as a company, you are either participating in the game or standing on the sidelines watching everyone else go through the painful process of learning how to use data to win in this new economy.  What was concretely defined before is now back to raw materials and we as an industry have an unprecedented opportunity to redefine, reshape, and remix together a winning formula that will allow our industry to “Determine” its new path in this digitally connected economy.  GAPro desires to be on the cusp of that change with you.


Last year, I attended a tech conference where one of the featured speakers was Albert Wenger, a venture capitalist with Union Square Ventures and he said four words that have stuck with me since.  He mentioned, the new economy is upon us and there are four pillars to it; Create, Share, Discover, Enjoy.  Well, what does that mean?  For example, a company like Facebook created a platform.  People share in that platform according to what their interest are.  People discover value in the platform whether it is intrinsic and/or monetary.  Most people enjoy the experience it gives to be connected globally and express themselves.  There are many other examples of this new economy.


We have taken these pillars and applied it to our mission and what we call the “Bold Promise” from GAPro.


GAPro’s mission is to CREATE best-in-class easy-to-use platform technology to receive data.  SHARE the power of the data with each stakeholder to address all insurance information needs in real-time.  DISCOVER opportunities to optimize the collected data so each stakeholder can ENJOY the reward of a self-defined RETURN ON DATA.


This is the “Bold Promise” of GAPro forged on a solid FOUNDATION of industry and technology experience utilizing the FUNDAMENTALS of the insurance business to determine new business models, execute fresh ideas, and connect every stakeholder to a WINNING experience.


Stay tuned, we are a determined group. We ask that you join us! Click here


Herb Gibson – Founder & CEO

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