GAPro Services

One of the key, unique features with GAPro is the automatic, continuous feed of policy information. This enables GAPro to drive standardization, efficiency and compliance throughout the Certificate (Cert) and Proof-of-Insurance process. By having this information immediately available, GAPro provides numerous cost-effective services throughout the entire insurance ecosystem.


Patent Filed Technology

GAPro’s advanced unique and far reaching approach to the Cert/Proof-of-Insurance dilemma is so unique that it has been filed with the Commerce Department – United States Patent and Trademark Office. This is yet another proof that GAPro stands alone in the Cert/Proof-of-Insurance marketplace.

Moving into the Future

Through GAPro enabled innovation and collaboration, there are rich opportunities for all 4 dimensions of the insurance information ecosystem (insurance companies, agencies, insureds and 3rd parties) to use a single, smart and paradigm shifting solution for Cert/Proof-of-Insurance needs.

Accelerating Cert/Proof-Of-Insurance

Within a security enabled self-service model, Cert/Proof-of-Insurance needs can be requested and fulfilled directly. Unnecessary steps, hand-offs and work are eliminated, delivering the required information on time and at a fraction of the cost or effort..

Clout of the Cloud

GAPro is unique in that it puts all information, requirements, solutions and services into a unified Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud application. Any device that can communicate with the internet is a potential Cert/PoI request and delivery point (smart mobile phone, tablets, PC’s.)