Mission Statement

Our Mission

Address all proof-of-insurance and compliance verification business needs for insurance carriers, agents, insureds and 3rd parties. GAPro will deliver best-in-class technology and service to become the global industry-wide solution for proof-of-insurance and compliance verification. This includes managing insurance requirements by driving standardization, efficiency, and compliance to equal more profitability and a significant RETURN ON DATA for our stakeholders. In turn, we will provide our shareholders a fair profit while demonstrating stewardship within the Community.

Core Values

We will achieve our mission by focusing on specific core values, including:

  • Provide solutions that address risk management and technology concerns of all insurance stakeholdersEnlist the communities we do business in as stakeholders to ensure our collective success
  • Continuously work to improve our internal processes to maximize opportunities with our clients
  • Require integrity throughout the organization to guide our decisions in building trust and confidence with our stakeholders; clients, employees, communities, investors, strategic partners
  • Possess a burning desire to succeed at what we do, every day

GAPro Motto

Insurance impacts virtually every part of modern life. You cannot make any purchase, use any service or perform any task where insurance is not at least in the background, if not front and center. And since insurance is a fundamental service, being able to provide proof-of-insurance to anyone, at any time, in any place becomes imperative. GAPro is the first organization and solution that is dedicated to fundamentally changing the way that everyone provides and interacts with proof-of-insurance across all stakeholders - insurance companies, agencies, insureds and third-parties. Since GAPro is founded on the principal of bringing people together for a common goal, our organizational focus must reflect what we believe about people.

Our Motto: Neighborly Legacy

Neighborly – We at GAPro see each person as a unique and special individual, full of value, worth and potential. We commit to treat everyone with respect, honor and humility befitting their individual value. Within all our dealings and interactions, we will believe the best about people and take them at their word. Our belief and respect for people is driven by our desire to be equally treated this way by others.

Legacy – We are not about making a fast buck, but rather about leaving a lasting legacy to our family, community and industry. GAPro is a business. We generate revenue through providing a ubiquitous, high quality proof-of-insurance service, which can materially contribute an enduring service to everyone. We want to provide a legacy of service, respect and material contribution to our families and community at large.