ITL GAPro Partnership

January 17, 2017


Press Release: ITL GAPro Partnership


January 17, 2017


GAPro, a verification-as-a-service platform, has established a partnership with Insurance Thought Leadership. GAPro will advise Insurance Thought Leadership members on how it is possible to achieve continuous, real-time verification of insurance compliance through a new, secure information-sharing ecosystem.


Paul Carroll, CEO

“GAPro addresses a huge problem,” said Paul Carroll, CEO of Insurance Thought Leadership. “As companies try to make sure they have the right insurance coverage, they count on partners and contractors to play a role, but companies may have to manage thousands of certificates of insurance to do so, and they have no way of knowing whether coverage has lapsed after those certificates were issued. When we published an article on the topic, we were stunned at the response – it drew as much readership as almost anything we’ve ever published.”


Herb Gibson, Founder & CEO

Herb Gibson, GAPro’s founder and chief executive officer, said, “As a commercial lines agency owner, we waste so much time, energy and money creating, revising and distributing certificates of insurance. I kept trying to make certificates easier, and then it hit me. The form itself was the problem. Data was old, locked and unavailable for automated evaluation or change. GAPro makes the data as dynamic as the request for verification, digitally notifying affected parties immediately.  Our vision is to provide continuous real-time insurance compliance verification to all stakeholders, anytime, anywhere. The entire insurance ecosystem benefits.”


Chet Gladkowski, GAPro’s cofounder and CMO/CIO, added, “Once a policy is in place, sharing and keeping that information up to date throughout the insurance information ecosystem is an expensive hodgepodge of convoluted and wildly expensive manual procedures. There is a vortex of insured, agent/broker, carrier and third party manual effort, paper, email, faxes and procedures where data is both late and locked in certificate forms (paper or PDF). The complexity drives up cost and errors while disenchanting customers. As GAPro automates the data, compliance and notification, it eliminates waste, cost and errors while bringing transparency and added value to all stakeholders.”


Insurance Thought Leadership is a global network of thought leaders and decision makers transforming the insurance and risk management marketplace through insights on innovation and technology. ITL provides a platform for thought leadership on insurance innovation, including curating the best ideas from the brightest minds on its web site, and organizing private executive events for insurance industry C-suite executives. ITL also offers a membership community called Innovator’s Edge, which is a social network, and information resource designed to provide insights and connections between insurtech startups and insurance partners.


GAPro is an insurtech startup that delivers data-driven verification-as-a-service (VaaS), significantly reducing both costs and errors associated with legacy certificate form-based approaches. GAPro’s ecosystem provides all insurance stakeholders (carriers, agent/brokers, insured and third-parties) with secure self-service access to their insurance information, providing real-time and continuing insurance confirmation and compliance verification globally. Additionally, GAPro can provide new customers and sources of revenue for carriers and agent/brokers alike. Please visit, email us: and follow us on Twitter: @GAProSystem




Insurance Thought Leadership

Paul Carroll, CEO & Editor-in-Chief



Chet Gladkowski, Cofounder, CMO/CIO