GAPro and Fox Business Network

September 12, 2018


GAPro will be featured on upcoming installments of Fox Business Network.  GAPro will be part of a new segment, “Exploring the Block” that features the best and the brightest crypto influencers and angel investors. This will occur through GAPro’s partnership with FMW Media Works, the parent Company of “New To The Street” and “Exploring the Block.”


“We are very excited to partner with New to the Street’s ‘Exploring the Block’ series to share our journey in developing a world class company through this media platform” states Herb Gibson, GAPro’s CEO and Co-Founder. Our stakeholders and followers will have a platform to share in the news of GAPro’s blockchain project developments and partnerships. This is an unprecedented step for us and we look forward to a great partnership.”
“New To The Street” and “Exploring the Block” are broadcast on the Fox Business Network, reaching up to 100 million homes.


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