About Us

One Function, One Industry, One Challenge

cropped-icon_512.pngWe are intentionally different from every other software/service organization serving the insurance arena – more focused and faithful to customers, fanatically committed to raising profitability and efficiency while removing waste and cost.

GAPro delivers Certificate/Proof-of-Insurance information and confirmation using only 100% state-of-the-art technology. GAPro enables you to request, deliver and receive Certificate/Proof-of-Insurance the way you’ve always dreamed of. Our cloud-based system covers all aspects of the Certificate/Proof-of-Insurance lifecycle, delivering results and service, not inflicting confusion, pain and waste.

GAPro serves one purpose and focuses on one challenge—enabling you to replace your manual, legacy Certificate/Proof-of-Insurance systems and inefficient procedures. Our terrific software lets you focus on developing and writing profitable business, not wasting time and valuable resources on non-revenue generating tasks.

We invest everything we have into Certificate/Proof-of-Insurance system engineering and service. The work is complicated, requiring deep understanding of both the insurance business and expert software engineering. We build extremely flexible solutions that advance functionally and technically with every new release so that all of our customers benefit.