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GAPro is the first industry-wide disruptive digital ecosystem designed for the compliance and verification process. GAPro brings together real-time insurance information for all stakeholders; Carriers, Agent/Brokers, Insureds and Third Parties under a single, secure platform. All stakeholders are empowered to reap the benefits of shared information, including new clients/revenue, significantly reduced cost and improved outcomes.

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How it works

GAPro is a disruptive, digital ecosystem that provides all insurance stakeholders (carriers, agent/brokers, insured and third-parties) with secure self-service access to their insurance information, providing real-time and ongoing insurance confirmation and compliance verification. Carriers, agent/brokers have new access to client and prospect defined insurance information and needs while opening new sources of both insurance and fee based revenue.


Insurance Carrier

As Carriers share policy data, they have access to aggregated, industry wide policy data in addition to Agent/Broker appetites and specialties in addition to Insured and Third Party shared “application” data that meet their criteria.



Agent/Brokers have all coverage and compliance verification for all their Carriers and Insureds on a single platform with Insured and Third Party shared “application” data. Insured and Third Party self-service reduces costs, yet they are alerted for potential compliance issues.



Insureds self-service insurance confirmation needs, inviting Third Parties to connect and compare compliance requirements. Insureds can share their “application” data with Carriers and Agent/Brokers who have appetites for those coverages.


Third Party

Third Parties self-service and connect with Insureds to confirm compliance needs. Third Parties can share their “application” data with Carriers and Agent/Brokers who have appetites for those coverages.

Industry Insights;

  • As much as 15 percent of all commercial-lines E&O claims can be attributed to certificates of insurance and/or additional-insured issues
  • The costs associated with certificates of insurance are not trivial, whether you’re considering operational expenses or potential E&O claims
  • 3 percent of an Agent/Broker’s commercial-lines revenue goes to pay for certificate operations to Third Parties virtually free of charge
  • Cost estimates for certificates has double over the past three years due to the increase in, and complexity of, requests.

"The GAPro system offers the promise that we may soon have real-time insurance policy information directly from the insurer's system. This has the potential to dramatically reduce the time and costs spent in compiling and verifying this information manually and increase the relevancy and reliability of the policy detail. This would be a win-win for ALL parties."

Bill Wilson, CPCU, ARM, AIM, AAM Associate Vice President, Education & Research Director, Big "I" Virtual University Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America

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